• Alexa Gioia

Warm Lemon Water, and Why It's Important for Good Digestion.

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

It may sound like a loaded statement but drinking WARM lemon water in the morning totally changed the way I feel and live my life each day.

You may be thinking, YES — I've heard this before — But what's the big deal. So many influential people talk about this but how much can a lemon really change my life. Well, the trick really isn't the lemon, but the temperature of your water.

What you put into your body first thing when you wake up is very important. Ideally you have been in a restful state for the last 8 hours and your body is ready to wake up and slay the day. ...Ideally... I'll be the first to say this isn't how I was living my life for over a decade.

Most days i'd feel tired and sluggish when I woke up and barley wanted to get up. I'd crave caffeine and think that my mind wouldn't function properly until I got my fix. Warm lemon water changed this and i'll tell you why the temperate of the water matters so much when it comes to your gut health.

To put it simply, your gut and internal organs tense up when faced with intense temperature changes. Cold water may be refreshing after a workout but it shocks the system when ingested — especially after waking from a calm, resting state.

When your body receives the warm water, it welcome it like a gentle hug. My take on this phenomena is that the warm water is closest to your body temperature and therefor simply and easily can replenish your cells. It doesn't have to work so hard to absorb the water so your cells can hydrate faster—making your whole being much happier, First thing ; )

The addition of the lemon brings essential acidity to your bloodstream that works on balancing your microbiome. The acidic nature of a lemon is a great natural way to help your body get back in balance and truly can help in easy elimination of toxins in your gut.

I've learned that my body needs a boost in the morning and just one 8oz glass of water is never enough to get me going—if you know what I mean. And a healthy gut means a clean gut that moves toxins through your body with ease.

I've learned that it takes my body a good three rounds of drinking an 8oz glass of lemon water to get me going in the morning. Sometimes it's less, but i'm telling you...IT WORKS EVERY TIME. Below is a simple rundown of my routine and what works for me:


1) Wake up with the sun

2) Put on at least a 5 min guided morning meditation via the Insight Timer App

3) Practice the Ayurvedic ritual of tongue scrapping with a copper scraper

4) Brush my teeth with a natural, fluoride-free tooth paste (I like Toms peppermint!)

5) Prepare my first glass of WARM lemon water

6) Drink one down and prepare your next glass.

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